Whole business performance through KPI analysis

Training by KBA
Our whole business performance through KPI analysis programme focuses on providing participants with practical tools to develop meaningful strategic and operational performance measures, and then develop their skills ending with a performance culture. This course is designed to help participants understand the fundamentals of performance management, then successfully develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KPI’s for strategic, operational, or programme management.
Performance measures, or KPI’s, are a key part of any strategic management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of strategy implementation. KPI’s also help with analysis of the gap between actual and targeted performance and with measurement of organisational effectiveness and operational efficiency.
Operational measures, project measures, risk measures and employee measures provide an early-warning system throughout an organisation to help improve performance. Meaningful and strong KPI’s provide insight into whether strategies are working, whether programmes, projects and services are on schedule, on budget and delivered effectively. KPI’s focus employees’ attention on what matters most to success and allow for measurement of accomplishments.