Coaching and mentoring

Training by KBA
Our coaching and mentoring programme is for learners who wish to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively coach or mentor people within an organisational context.

Mentoring is fundamental to building capability and expertise in an organisation. It allows organisations to use its skilled staff to build the expertise of its existing and future teams. It expands the knowledge and skills base of the organisation, increasing capability and mitigating the risk of expertise laying with a small group of employees.

Our current mentoring projects focus on developing the skills of experts acting as mentors. Mentoring skills share a great deal in common with coaching skills at a competency level and using reflective learning in mentoring allows enhanced learning and high levels of engagement and satisfaction for those being mentored.

Mentoring projects tend to involve clear definitions of success around knowledge, skills and capabilities. We would recommend that any organisation have mentoring at the core of their development strategy. Mentoring projects can have a profound effect on organisation capability and ability to build expertise and engage a highly motivated group of people who are learning and developing as a result. Coaching has rapidly become a learning intervention of choice for many organisations. At its core, the use of reflective learning as the key approach to support executives and leaders develop their skills and performance. The application of coaching is very broad and can be used in very different ways by different organisations. KBA has the experience and expertise to deliver coaching to achieve the breadth of outcomes organisations are looking to achieve.
Our coaching projects as an approach to communication and learning across an organisation can deliver a step-change in organisational performance, with higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. Our focus is on developing self-awareness, particularly around the effects of communication style and emotional intelligence. Understanding differences between the way people think and preferences people have, has the effect of significantly increasing the level of value people place on the contributions of others. Our highly practical, fun and engaging programmes focus on understanding and developing effective personal communication, using questions to support the thinking and learning of others and a simple structure to approach collective problem solving.